Paradox Valley is one of the last unspoiled valleys that retains the character of old Colorado.


Over 800 acres of Paradox Valley are proposed to be turned into a Uranium Mill by Energy Fuels Inc.
Large radioactive tailings piles and evaporation ponds would be left behind forever.

The results would be Real-Estate Devaluation, Family Farms going under from water depletion, Big Government spending on containment forever, potential Childhood and Elderly Cancers, and Contamination of the Dolores, San Miguel, and Colorado Rivers.

Trucks would bring Uranium ore, at all hours, from the surrounding region. The valley experiences earthquakes.
Uranium would be shipped out of the country and end up in unfriendly countries or even terrorist hands.

The operation of nuclear reactors constantly creates Plutonium.
An individual lethal dose of Plutonium is about 50 millionths of a gram.
Nuclear plants have created enough lethal doses to kill every person on the planet many times over.
A terrorist dirty bomb with only one pound of Plutonium could potentially kill over nine million people.


Please voice concerns to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
and to the Montrose County Commissioners, Bill Patterson, Gary Ellis, and Allan Belt, 970-249-7755.